Best of the Worst: Smartphone Destruction Stories

If you've ever damaged or even completely destroyed your precious smartphone, at least you're not alone. In fact, Americans spend more than $1 billion per year on iPhone repairs alone (that's not even including other brands/models)! Some of the more common types of smartphone damage include shattered touch screens and water damage, but there are some pretty unexpected stories of smartphone destruction that make for an entertaining read. And yes, these are all true stories!

Roller Coaster Nightmare

When you board a roller coaster, you're warned to secure all loose articles—and that includes your cell phone! Unfortunately, for one smartphone owner, a pants pocket wasn't quite secure enough to keep his cell phone from flying out in the middle of a roller coaster loop! The phone ended up crashing to the pavement below and, needless to say, the phone wasn't good for much after its unintended ride.

Sinkhole Swallows Smartphone

What are the odds of a tiny little smartphone getting swallowed up by a sinkhole? In this story, a man was attending an outdoor barbeque and was enjoying time with friends, lounging in a lawn chair when they decided to get up and grab a drink. Suddenly, screams and shouting erupted, and the man looked back to see the empty lawn chairs swallowed by a sink hole. Fortunately, nobody was hurt, but the man shortly realized that he had left his cell phone sitting in one of the doomed chairs.

Rooftop Catastrophe

In this smartphone destruction story, we begin again with a smartphone owner hanging out with a group of friends (this time, on a rooftop). The man was very careful each time he set his phone down on the slightly pitched roof to make sure it wasn't going anywhere. What he failed to consider was that the phone would move when he received a text message due to the vibration notification. In a split second, that text message vibration caused the phone to slide down the rooftop and shatter on the pavement below.


Water damage is an extremely common smartphone accident. Each year, many people accidentally dive into a pool or body of water before realizing their phones were still in their pockets, or they stand up after using the restroom to flush the toilet, only to have their phone fall out of their pocket and plop right into the water. The only thing that could make dropping your phone in a toilet worse, though, is this nightmare story of a woman who tried retrieving her phone from the toilet to save it, only to get it stuck inside the toilet drain.

DIY Repair Disaster

In this story, a smartphone owner has already made the mistake of dropping his phone and shattering its screen. The next mistake was attempting to replace the screen himself, which resulted in even further damage to the phone that included an accidental wiping of the entire memory card. Whoops! Just another example of why it's typically better to leave these kinds of repairs up to the experts. That $100 screen repair is probably looking a lot better than that $500 phone replacement right about now...

No matter what you've accidentally done to damage your phone, hopefully you can feel better about the fact that you haven't made any of the above mistakes. However, if you do find yourself in need of smartphone repair, whether it be a screen replacement or anything in between, Ultimate Shield can help. We also carry all the gear (including cases and screen protectors) that you need to life-proof your phone and reduce your chances of becoming another statistic.