What Does Your Phone Say About You?

First impressions count. Let's be honest: we've all made assumptions about other people based on the appearance of their smartphone. If you’re one of the 46% of smartphone users who claim they couldn’t live without one, according to the Pew Research Center, it’s likely that people are making assumptions about you based on your phone choices. You can tell a lot about a person by looking at their phone. In fact, a recent study conducted by Battery Ventures, a venture capital firm, indicated that smartphone users’ behavior provided interesting insights into their personality.

In their attempt to decode a person’s personality based on the smartphone they use, they were able to compile some striking research data. For example, the data revealed that Android users were more likely to be fans of beer and tobacco than non-users. In addition, they preferred fast-food restaurants, were more likely to use public transportation, and held blue-collar jobs. The data further revealed that Android fans were more likely to be religious than iOS users. On the other hand, the study indicated that most iOS users preferred wine to beer and air transportation as their preferred travel mode. iOS users are also more likely to have stock market investments and hold white-collar jobs than their Android-using friends.

If your phone could talk, what would it say about you? Let's take a look at what your smartphone might be saying about you:

What Condition is Your Smartphone In?

Cracked screen – Depending on how long it’s been cracked, it could imply that you can’t afford repairs or a replacement. It could also hint that you are clumsy or super-active or adventurous.

Scratched, but serviceable – You value function more than appearance. You are a somewhat careful person, but you don’t mind a bit of wear and tear on your possessions. You might have a dusty home, or have shabby, but comfortable, furniture.

Pristine condition – Unless your smartphone is brand new, you value your investments and take good care of them. You’ve probably protected it with a case, and never toss it into your pocket with your keys. People will probably consider you dependable and not mind lending you their gadgets because they know you’ll be responsible with them, and they might guess that your home is neat and tidy.

Case Personalization

Designer skins or custom cases – You’re all about the looks. If you have a Hello Kitty sparkly case or other cartoon-themed case, you might be fun, quirky, and a bit immature. If you have a leopard or zebra-print case, you’re sending the message that you’re fashion-minded, but a little wild, while a bedazzled case screams “I love the bling!”

No case – You like living dangerously and taking risks; you probably don’t wear a bike helmet, either. Don’t expect anyone to lend you their car keys. If it’s still in perfect shape, it means you are a careful, thoughtful person.

Ultimate Shield tempered glass – You’re serious about protecting your investment, but you also care about looks and don’t want to cover up your phone’s beauty. You probably have a hi-tech home security system installed to protect your house, and people can safely assume you have your car serviced on schedule.

Rubber bumper case – You live an active, physically challenging lifestyle. Or, you want people to think you do. You care more about safety than looks; you probably wear an unattractive high-visibility vest when you go jogging.

What Does Your Home Screen Look Like?

Lots of folders, custom wallpaper – You like to inject your personality into everything you do. Your computer is probably well-managed as well. It’s likely that your office is neat, with everything in its place, but filled with personal, homey touches, too.

Default setup – If your phone still has its original setup and is filled with app cons, you might be a no-nonsense kind of person. If the factory look appeals to you, you aren’t a fussy person – it’s likely that you don’t have a lot of magnets or pictures on your refrigerator, either.

Widgets galore – You like staying up-to-date, and need to have information at your fingertips. You’re probably the kind of person who stays on top of trends and follows politics and social issues closely. You’re the person people come to when they have questions about news topics, or recommendations for workplace apps.

Crazy tweaks, custom launcher – You want your phone to be one-of-a-kind. Everything in your life is probably personalized to reflect your unique personality, and you’re willing to spend time ensuring everything you own is an extension of yourself. If you have a dog, they probably have different outfits for every holiday.

No matter what your smartphone says about you, it won’t make much of a statement if it’s broken. For more information about how to keep your personalized investment protected from bumps and drops, scratching and cracking, check out Ultimate Shield’s quality screen protectors. We offer free shipping and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.