What Makes Ultimate Shield Screen Protectors Your Best Insurance Plan?

Like most smartphone owners, you’ve spent a considerable amount of time, money and effort in choosing your device, and consider it an important investment. While it has a sleek, cool appearance, impressive apps, and sports a high-tech touchscreen, your smart device isn’t indestructible. Even though most smart phones feature a hard Gorilla Glass screen, everyday contact with things like tabletops, keys and sand can cause scratches, and bumps and drops can still cause cracking.

Damaged screens don’t just ruin your phone’s appearance, they negatively affect its use -- a recent study showed that 27 percent of smartphone owners with damaged screens found it difficult to use apps, while 29 percent reported not being able to use specific keyboard letters. The best insurance against smart phone screen damage is to prevent it from happening. Here are some of the most common ways smart phone owners approach dealing with touch screen issues.

Cell Phone Insurance

While it might sound tempting to pay $5 to $11 for a month-to-month cell phone insurance plan, especially if you’ve paid upward of $650 for a new iPhone 6S, it isn’t really that simple. First of all, the low monthly fee covers only part of the cost you’ll be required to pay in the event that your phone is damaged, lost, or stolen. Plus, for each claim you file, there’s a deductible of $50 to $199, which might be worth it for a lost or stolen phone, but doesn’t help much when a replacement screen costs about $120.

Replace the Touch Screen

Just because you didn’t protect your phone with a screen protector and it got cracked or scratched doesn’t mean you have to toss your phone. You can replace the screen yourself with the help of sites like iFixIt, that have several tutorials walking you through the parts you’ll need and the replacement process. Other options are to return the phone to the official manufacturer, such as the Apple Store, but you’ll likely end up paying through the nose if it’s out of warranty, or to pop in to a local repair shop for a more affordable repair.

Sell Your Phone and Buy a New One

Just because you completely destroyed your touch screen doesn’t mean you can’t sell your phone. Many vendors such as Gizmogul, Gazelle, and Glyde will buy your phone for a small fee. While the sale price will vary according to the make, model, year and condition, chances are you won’t make much of a profit. However, you can use the cash toward purchasing a replacement device at a lower price, which might be appealing, especially if you’ve had your eye on a newer model. If you go this route, learn from your mistake and protect your new smartphone with a quality screen protector.

The Best Insurance Against Touch Screen Damage

Even moderate daily use causes wear and tear on your smart phone's touch screen surface that can reduce its sensitivity to touch. A screen protector is designed to protect your phone from everyday damage from harmful factors such as scratches, drops, bumps, and dust, while minimizing oily fingerprints. If damage does occur, it is less expensive to replace your screen protector than to replace your phone’s original touch screen.

Glass or Plastic?

When shopping for a cell phone screen protector, opt for tempered glass over plastic for the best insurance against screen damage and ease of use. Most smart device screens are made of Gorilla Glass. Adding a plastic protector will affect surface smoothness, reduce ease of use and result in drag. Because it is thicker than plastic, tempered glass is stronger, making it virtually impervious to scratching, impact damage and cracking.

Tempered glass smartphone protectors feature an oleophobic coating similar to your device’s original screen, which makes scrolling and finger-gliding easier. Unlike plastic screen protectors, tempered glass resists smudges and fingerprints, making the screen surface easier to clean. Tempered glass screen protectors are also crystal-clear for maximum brightness and screen visibility, unlike plastic.

For more information about how a tempered glass screen protector is your best insurance against smart phone screen damage, check out Ultimate Shield’s quality screen protectors. We offer free shipping, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.