Invisible Film Installation

NOTE: Please, Keep in mind that while there may not be a video for your exact device, the installation process is the same for each device.

What you will need:
1. Clean work area
2. Lint free cloth or paper towel
3. Water
4. Liquid Soap
5. Bowl or cup for the soap/water solution
6. Squeegee

Step 1. Wash your hands. This will help reduce the risk of leaving fingerprints and other residue on the shield.


Step 2. Add a large drop of liquid soap such as Fairy to a bowl or cup of water and stir with your fingers until it dissolves. Allow to settle for a few minutes so that the bubbles pop and don't get stuck between the shield and the device.

 *Water will be used to allow proper positioning of the shield. Since the protection materials are designed to strongly adhere with the phone, soapy water is necessary to allow the shield to be manoeuvred into the correct position*

Step 3. Turn off your device and remove the battery if your device has a removable battery.

Step 4. Soak all your fingers in the water solution. Then with wet fingers peel off the shield from its backing.

Then re-dip your fingers in the solution and completely wet the adhesive side of the shield with your fingers.

Step 5. Apply the shield to your device. Then move the shield into position so it lines up on your device.

Step 6. Softly squeegee out the extra water with the provided squeegee and use a cloth to soak up excess solution if necessary.

*This step is critical. As you squeegee out the water the shield will begin to adhere to the phone and will no longer move freely. If the shield didn’t align correctly and has become too sticky to readjust, now is the time to remove it and start over, do this as little as possible to the shield. Otherwise it will bond with the phone and if removed may stretch the shield*

*When applying a covering over a rounded surface, you will have to let the over-hanging portion of the protector air dry until proper adhesion can occur. Start by getting the protector correctly positioned on the device. Once the positioning is acceptable, wait while the overhanging edges dry. Impatiently trying to force the edges down prematurely can cause the protector to move out of alignment. Patience is a key factor when covering rounded surfaces. Feel free to set the device down for a few minutes and come back to it later. This could take up to 25-45 minutes*

When it comes to small pieces or sides, just peel them off from the backing with wet fingers, align and stick them on.

Allow any excess water to dry. As a safety precaution allow the phone to dry for 12 hours before replacing the battery and turning it on. Even though 8 hours generally would be enough. Be aware, after application the shield may look hazy/foggy and not clear. PLEASE be patient. It can take 2-3 days for the shield to fully “cure” and for haziness and any bubbles to clear.

If you have any questions or problems, you can always let us know. We will be happy to help.