Sony Xperia XZ Premium (Silver) Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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Ultimate Shield Tempered Glass Screen Protector For Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Ultimate Shield glass is a specially processed glass that is super strong and provides world-class protection from shocks and scratches. It is very effective in absorbing impact and will stand up against all the daily wear and tear your Sony Xperia XZ Premium screen may encounter.




Surface Hardness: 9H

Ultimate Shield glass has an incredibly strong surface. Sharp objects such as blades, knives, keys, scissors will not scratch the Ultimate Shield glass.




Ultimate Touch Sensitivity

Ultimate Shield glass is extremely easy to install and maintains the delicate touch of the screen.




Whole Transparency

Ultimate Shield glass is crystal clear and provides exceptional high definition clarity.




Oleophobic Coating

Ultimate Shield glass has an oleophobic coating for resistance against smudges and fingerprints and makes the glass easy to clean.




Round Edges & Slim Glass

Ultimate Shield glass has rounded edges to provide a comfortable grip, greater resistance to chipping and allow for a smooth experience. Ultimate Shield glass is made of a chemically processed glass that is super slim and light. It is only 0.3mm thick.




Package Contents

  • Ultimate Shield Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector
  • Premium Microfiber Cloth
  • Wet Cloth
  • Dust Stickers
  • Installation Guide



Due to current curved edge technology, adhesive is only behind the coloured frame. There is no adhesive behind the middle screen area to prevent bubbles and air.

Step 1: Use the included wet cloth and microfiber cloth to clean the screen before installation.

Step 2: Peel the protective layer off the adhesive side.

Step 3. Carefully align the GLASS to the screen and place it onto the screen.

Step 4: Press and rub firmly on the sides and top and bottom to make sure the protector bonds to the screen.


Ultimate Shield is the best Sony Xperia XZ Premium screen protector, tempered glass, case, or cover that your money can buy.

Protect it. Love it. Capture it. Share it.

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