Ultimate Thin Case for Apple iPhone 14 Plus

Semi Black
Semi White

World's Thinnest Cases

The Ultimate Thin Case from Ultimate Shield is the best super thin case for your iPhone 14 Plus. It is designed to protect your phone while keeping its original sleek look.

Precision Engineered

The Ultimate Thin case is designed with extreme precision having perfect cutouts keeping all ports and buttons totally accessible. A subtle lip adds extra protection to the protruding camera lens.


Beauty lies in simplicity. No unnecessary bulk, no branding whatsoever was added to the case. Close to half a mm thin, it will remain almost unnoticeable.

Beautiful Finish

Make your iPhone 14 Plus stand out from the rest with the amazing carbon fibre matte finish or allow the original phone colour and logo to lightly show through with the beautiful semi-transparent matte finish. Or to keep the original look of the phone, the glossy transparent finish allows all the beauty to show through. 

Customer Reviews

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Miika Heinilä
Poor quality, bad design

Very poor quality and poor design on this case. Would not recommend buying.

First of all the hole in the case for lightning cable (on the bottom of the iPhone) is cut that way it scratches your fingers and feels very sharp against skin. I have used the case a couple of days on my iPhone 14 plus and I already have an abrasion on my little finger caused by the poor cutting quality.

Second, the design is horrible. There are just simply cut holes for each buttons, which makes pressing the 'screen on' and volume buttons very hard. Sometimes it's very frustrating that you have to adjust the angle of your finger to push the screen on button on the right side of the phone or rather than using your fingertip, opt for pressing the button with a fingernail. That, too, wears out your fingers and skin.

Lastly, the clear and glossy version makes my bright red iPhone look distorted, as if the color was somehow degraded or dimmed red.

There are luckily far superior products on the protective case market. I recommend buying the case from another brand.