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Difficult to apply, not the strongest

My feelings are mixed. The glass is of a good quality, a good size, fits nicely with the Ultimate Shield case and seems to have good oleophobic properties and a smooth texture. Unfortunately, getting it on is not simple. Once you have cleaned the screen of all dust, you need to somehow get the UV liquid onto your screen and then the glass onto the liquid without getting dust between the two or having the UV liquid roll off the screen. The latter is not easy if you have a phone that doesn't lie perfectly flat (and most do not). In my case, the UV liquid formed one big blob and then zoomed off the screen onto my work surface. I ended up having to use both tubes just to get the one screen protector on. Once it was dry, some minor bubbles formed, which I attribute to most of the second batch of fluid having also dived off the screen. Two weeks later and the screen protector has already chipped and cracked after falling down a gap in my sofa. Despite the mishaps, this is still a better performance than the pre-applied plastic protector the phone came with, and I feel that I may do better on my next attempt - if I can figure out how to get this protector off and get some more UV glue for the second one.

Great but camera glass protection doesn’t fit

Excellent overall. I primary bought this for the back protection. However, the camera glass protection (the one that goes around the lenses), doesn’t fit! Impossible to go around the lenses.

Also don’t put the sides protection if you use a case as putting on case and removing case from your
phone will peel off the side film.

iphone 12 tempered glass screen protector

Great Product! Screen works perfectly with no lagging, however if you have a tight case it may peel up at the corners as it goes all the way to the edge of the screen.

Very Good

I have always used Ultimate Shield Screen Protectors for my iPhones. Easy to fit, excellent protection and a reasonable price. I recommend.

Thin case

If you are looking for super thin cases for your phone,these are the guys to go to

Fantastic product

Although my product arrived late the customer service was second to none, they went out their way to resolve it and case is such good quality. Will definitely use them again.

Good curved protector

I am impressed with this protector for Pixel 6 Pro. There's zero gap between protector and screen and the On-screen fingerprint works with no issues. It fits perfect with just enough space left for case coverings.

I did end up with few bubbles but I was a sent a replacement as soon as I reported about it. So an excellent customer service. I am happy overall.

Great Screen Protector!

Used one of these previously on an old phone and was really pleased to see that it was released for the Pixel 6 Pro and works great, even the finger printer reader, unlike several other traditional tempered glass protectors. Would definitely recommend!

Samsung Galaxy S21 Tempered Glass

Excellent product.


Best shield ever

Never received

Could you check the order status? I’ve never received it


In my opinion The best film protection on the market.

Great product

Fit the device perfectly, easy to apply and great protection for the screen.

better than what's on amazon, but not great

gets three stars because it's actual glass, and can be installed to a good standard and because it's better than the plastic films on amazon, but that's it. The phone is difficult to lay flat, and it's difficult to get a good spread of glue ( I've tried installing this 4 times, and only once did I get a good spread) the inclusion of an installation tray would be a huge benefit. I'm puzzeled as to why one isn't included, especially when the plastic tray that holds all the items in the box doesn't hold everything that well (for example the glue tube slot only holds one tube, with the other just rolling around free)

Ultimate Thin Case for Google Pixel 6 Pro

The best glass protector so far

As per the title, the best glass screen protector in the market so far. Matched what is advertised (clear, no dotted matrix, full surface glue, nice to the touch). The only annoying thing is the black bezel which reduces the display a bit, so if the product had been made a little wider, it would have been perfect. Then again, there's no better glass screen protector out there at the moment, so 5 star it is.

The Best!

Perfect as always!!

Ultimate Shield

It's the only protection required.....
Used them for years on all makes and models and it's the only one I trust...
I have wasted time, money with damage to phones using other protections but not now. Utlimate Shield by name ultimate Shield by nature 👍

Iphone 12 Pro

Good quality, secure fit, super thin and very discreet / minimalist. No issues attaching peripherals via the lightning connector. All apertures align perfectly concentrically with camera, button, speaker and microphone holes. Excellent scratch protection as the case just sits proud of the screen and camera lens surfaces, planar with the side buttons. Highly recommend the Matte finish which returns a high end look.

IPhone 13 Pro Max complete Shield

Great cover - easy to fit - cannot notice it - very pleased with the resut

Prodotto eccezionale

5 star

So far so good . I had an apple screen put on and had broke it in a week 🙄 I tried ultimate shield and am very happy . All the tools for cleaning and putting the screen on , I managed to put on wonky the first time but could still gently lift off to reline the screen . Very happy and will use again 👍🏻

Effective easy to use

Honestly was scared about using liquid glue and UV lights and all that fancy stuff, but it was actually pretty straightforward. Fingerprint scanner works flawlessly as well. Review Medals