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Superb case. Very slim fit.

This is the best case I have owned. Reasonable price, very slim fit and great looking. Not tested how good it protects the phone (hopefully never find out!)


Fast delivery and amazing product

Excellent as always

Ticked all the usual boxes. Arrived quickly, easily installed and no issues with air bubbles. Be aware that the screens of the 13 and 12 Pro Maxes are slightly different as the speakers are in different locations. This screen protector ends about 1mm from each edge which may seem excessive if you use Apple’s own cases but probably needed as other cases have a larger “wrap over” the edges and then end up pushing the screen protector up off the screen. Overall Ultimate Shield is still my go-to screen protector.

Sony Xperia 5 III Tempered Glass

Fits really well, easy to fit

OnePlus 8T Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Not that impressed

Dropped phone about a week into getting new screen protector and the glass cracked (not the end off world what its meant to do) but also chipped in the middle of the screen which is very annoying. It landed on a bathroom floor without any lumps or bumps so not sure why it chipped.
Also pretty expensive and instruction for install are poor.

Highly recommended

I've been a customer of ultimate shield for 4 years and I really like the products that match the specifications. In addition to having an extraordinary after sales.

Ultimate Thin Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 20

good! Wish it fit totally snug though

Basically perfect just wish one protector would actually fit exactly.. it’s a few mm off but no biggie, maybe I fit it wrong but it fits exactly over the earpiece.. anyhoo!

Best Screen Protector

Ultimate shield is more expensive than other screen protectors but well worth the money! I've purchased ultimate shield many times for many phones over the years and they are always spot on!

Apple iPad Pro 10.5" Invisible Film Screen Protector

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Over the years we have had a number of these for different iPhone models, these don’t seem as good, but only on the putting on, they don’t seem to stick as-well and gradually lift off. The protection of the screen is still brilliant but we have had to replace previous only as they have lifted rather than having cracked.

Acceptable protection

I'm on my 2nd one now. The first ended up peeling at the corners. It looks like this one, too, will go the same way. It's starting to unstick at the bottom of the screen, and I've no idea how to restick it.
That said, I got a few months of very good protection for my screen, and finger print ID works perfectly.

iPhone 13 ultimate thin case

Case arrived within 2 business days. Fits like a glove and looks great. Would recommend.


This liquid glass screen perfectly fit my oneplus 8 pro. The screen is quite easy to instal, however, take care the glue completely fit the front camera lens. I had to do it twice because first time the glue didn't completely cover the lens and the photos was not good at all. Thanks to ultimate Shield for their help!! I'll recommand !!

Thin but easily broken

This case is great if you want an ultra thin case. However it’s not very grippy and so makes it easily dropped. I dropped mine this week in Tesco and thankfully my phone isn’t damaged but the case is completely smashed on every edge. Also the case gets scratched very easily so after I’d had it just a couple of weeks, the back was very marked. Not sure I’d buy it again although I did love how thin it was.


I've just changed my phone to the Galaxy A52s and as always I've used the Ultimate Shield Invisible screen protector. I say as always because this must be the 4th or 5th Ultimate Shield screen protector I have bought for successive phones. The instructions for use are very clear and it is incredibly easy to fit. Never been disappointed and I've never had any screen scratches or breakages.

Everyone should try these

Exact fit for my phone, looks stylish and it's like it's not even there! I am so pleased I ordered the case as I started using it without my massive silicon old case, and was exposed for a while.
This ultimate case doesn't even feel like it's on the phone, it is so thin! I would recommend everyone to try these

Ultimate Thin Case for Google Pixel 4a 5G

Very good quality product and perfect for my pixel. 100% recommendable

Great product

Used it in the past, solid screen protector, fast delivery. Only complaint is that there is no installation frame to help you guide it on the phone.

Best of the best

It is a lot of money for the screen protector but i rather pay more and get perfect size (made for the actual phone model) then get some generic one that doesn't fit.
This screen protector is a perfect fit and finger scanner work as it should

Amazing glass protector for oneplus 9 pro

Really happy with the glass protector and its fitting is prefect. It is a bit tricky getting the alignment right. But the oneplus 9 pro glass protector is prefect for keeping your phone safe. Definitely recommend 10 /10.

Tempered glass screen protecter

Good but if you have a cover it keeps rising up and catches the cover

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