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Very satisfied

Great product

OnePlus 6 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Strong protection

Returning customer ever since I ran over my phone with the car and the ultimateshield protector saved my display (facing the ground)

Apple iPhone XS Invisible Film Screen Protector

Excelent screen protector!

The product is excelent. If i can search for one thing that is not excelent is that the protector makes the screen a little bit unrensponsive, but nothing to worry for.


Muito bom! Os melhores!

Apple iPhone XS Max Invisible Film Screen Protector

Ultimate shield

Excellent customer support and clear instructions on application. Plus my makeup doesn't tend to stick to this as much!

iPhone xr

Easy to fit with no air bubbles.


First time I used ultimate shield film was back in 2016 when I got for my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and back then it was perfect no creases no bubbles . It, unfortunately can’t be said the same for my iPhone XS . It’s be hard to apply on back and sides and I think film is not sticking as good to the sides/ bezel as it did with S7 . It lasted the whole two years before I upgraded to S9.


Bit tricky to apply because of small size of film in comparison with a phone screen. I could not clear out the bubbles though.

Not good

I bought this protector a week after getting my new phone for Christmas and it has crack twice already. I have been so careful with my phone and have a flip cover on it however it has still cracked. I’m very disappointed!

Hi Patricia, Sorry to hear you had problems. Could be faulty. Send us your order info and we will send a replacement. Best regards
My Choice

All fine, good qualiy, fits perfect.

Very pleased

Happy with my Ultimate Shield screen protector . My order arrived well packaged and on time. The product was easy to apply and looks and feels good. I didn't need to use the sides and back protector as I have an Otterbox. Would definitely recommend


Very good protection. Very clear. Good oleophobic coat.

Screen and case protector

Good product excellent delivery

Touch not responsive

The shield was easy to apply and fits very well, BUT the touch functionality of the screen is more or less gone making the shield not usable anymore. You need to push the screen hard to make it respond. Not at all happy with the product

Hi Fredrik, The Samsung Galaxy S9 series and above have a setting in the menu for screen protector use. Follow these instructions: Step 1: Open the Settings app on your Galaxy S9. Step 2: Tap Advanced features. Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom of the list to find the Touch sensitivity option. Toggle this on to enhance the phone's touch sensitivity. Best regards
Best ever

So simple to put on phone. Brilliant quality.

Very happy after initial scare.

Having used cheaper ones before, which kept on breaking, I decided to give Ultimate Shield a go. the day after I put it on, I dropped my phone and a chip and some spidery cracks appeared. I contacted Ultimate Shield and they sent a replacement straight away, which I have now had on for two weeks without a problem or a scratch, so perhaps the drop was a good bit worse than I thought and maybe it saved my phones screens life!
Before I put on the replacement though, I did have a really good go at the broken one with a Stanley knife as in the advert. And I mean a really good go, I was pressing hard! I couldn't get any purchase on the screen at all, and whilst I could see some very, very faint lines when the screen was off, i couldn't see them once i turned it on. I'm not going to try again with my replacement though, and 2 weeks in I can't see any scratches even when turned off.

Bitter Sweet 2 follow up

I reviewed my 1st Ultimate Shield tempered glass protector for my Oneplus 7T recently where I made a really poor job of fitting it. It got on my nerves having all kinds of dust stuck under the glass so I bought a 2nd one to replace it. In the meantime I had fitted other glass protectors from 2 other companies to a Samsung Galaxy S9 and a Oneplus 5T. The Ultimate Shield once again felt and looked much better quality, as I removed my old dirty glass it bent a fair bit but didn't break, unlike one of the others. The fit is excellent as is the black curved finish on the edges, it gives a real OEM look.
On reflection I don't think the installation procedure recommended is good enough, I learned my lesson from my 1st one and decided to use the sellotape method to form a hinge. This method should be virtually foolproof but there were 2 problems for me, the backing material is stuck fast to the glass so that the force needed to pull it off also dislodged the sellotape, the 2nd problem for me was that I wanted to use the "V" shaped notch at the top of the 7T to line up the glass but the sturdy tab used to remove the backing is located right in the top centre which meant that I couldn't really see the V. Still, after a while I lined it up and kept it dust free, the result now is superb. It feels great, is just as responsive as without the glass and looks outstanding.
I summary, for me there are some hurdles, but once cleared the result is a really superb tempered glass protector that looks exactly like it just came out of the factory.