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Very good quality! Similar to original.


Really easy to apply and has lasted well so far! Dropped the phone a couple of times and no breakages. Fits well with case. Black border is a little thicker than the official OnePlus protector but still barely noticeable and doesn't cut off anything anyway so not a problem

Ultimo Shield is the best screen protector in my experience

After having tried glass and other plastic screen protectors,I’m certain that ultimate shield is the best solution for me

Excellent product

I’ve been purchasing this product for the last two years. However the first time I used the invisible screen protector I didn’t not apply it on my phone the correct way and I thought the product was really bad. But now I know how to put the film on and it’s amazing. It’s fits flush on your phone and offers 100% protection.

I would recommend this product to everyone that hates using a bulky case, but don’t get it twisted it if you drop your phone very hard the screen may crack but this film protector is to prevent scratches that may occur in your pocket and other signs of wear and tear.

P.s. it does fit the camera bump properly

Apple iPhone 7/8 Invisible Film Screen Protector


Good value for money , easy to fit and does exactly What it says on the tin !


I’ve used many screen protections before, but this one is clearly the best one. Amazing quality!

Xiaomi Mi 9 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Very good glass. Even fits with a case. Oleophobic coat, very good.


Very good quality! I recommend. You don't even notice it's on your phone. You might find it difficult to put it if you haven't done something like this before but I assure you you'll say next time I can do better. Easy to apply! Well depends on the skills of the person! 👌🏻👍🏻

Top quality protection

I’ve had a few of these now after dropping my iPhone a few times. The protective shield did smash but did exactly what it was supposed to do and saved my phone screen each time. Well worth the money.


as usual great quality

Better than expected

I bought a screen protector from One Plus which lasted a day as the griller glass protectors do. I decided that what was important was scratch protection not impact so chose this product. I got more than expected the package was delivered within 16 hours, the instructions were clear and helpful and application of the full skin protection easy to apply. The protector works with in screen finger print detection and provides an element of connectivity with the taptic feedback that other protectors lack even the OEM that came fixed to the phone originally. I am so impressed that for my other and new phones in the future, I am committed to use Ultimate Shield again. Highly recommended this product. My device is a One Plus 6t Maclaren edition. Thanks guys!

Best fitted for iPhone 6, awesome customer service, best price.

Awesome communication with the firm !

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Invisible Film Screen Protector


Cases came exactly as described, excellent quality. They did a mixup on one of the cases I ordered and after me pointing it out, they sent me the correct one for free! Excellent service.

Huawei P20 Tempered Glass Screen Protector


Fitting was easy - you have to let it dry for a while before sticking the very edge of the protector down, but otherwise no problems. A couple of days later, I caught the surface with a finger nail, and it caused a ridge in the surface. You could see it, and feel it. My heart sank and I thought I was going to have to going through the hassle of sending it back, but... It is advertised as self-healing, and by the next morning, the mark I had made was gone. Completely gone. Highly recommended!

Poor packaging

Ordered with tempered glass protector. I have been using ultimate shield glass protector over 2years. I think this one would be my 9th ones.(3of them were broken within 1day but so far this is the best) Because glass protector breaks so easily and I ordered plastic film one as a backup option. only ordered screen protector since I already have other one. But look at the photo. Just one single film with the paper?? It is for £ 8.99? Come on..your tempered glass protector with better packaging is £12.99. ...

Hi S, Thanks for your review. The Invisible Film is a different type of protection. It is a premium film that is generally used on military vehicles and also expensive cars to protect from scratches. We provide it custom cut for phones. It is a wet application and many love it. It gives great results after being installed. As this is not Glass it does not require extra packaging as it cannot shatter. So we keep it simple. Hope that helps. Best regards
everything ok

Great dealer, esp. when there is a problem...

OnePlus 5 3D Curved Full Adhesive Tempered Glass Screen Protector (Black)

Excellent workmanship, good touch.

Case issues

The protector is extremely easy to put on and stays secure however be wary if you have a case on your phone as my case didn't fit on properly and caused air bubbles when pressing the lock button as it lifted the glass.

As good as ever

I am a habitual user of Ultimate Shield’s screen protectors and this lives up to their very high standards. Very easy to install and fits without problems whilst using Apple’s leather folio case.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Invisible Film Screen Protector