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Great piece of kit

Thin, lightweight and hardly visible this is a good addition for your phone.
Not like my previous one that whist very rigid was large and made the phone cumbersome to carry

Super fast delivery

Really quick delivery! it arrived the day after ordered. Good quality product


Had a few scratches on the screen with one really deep one, didn't want to make it worse so I bought a cheap screen protector and it was terrible. Bought this one and it's amazing to be fair. Even with the additive you get with it, it completely covered all the scratches it's like a brand new phone again with extra protection. Just don't scratch your face with the glue on your hands haha it burns

Very slim and light

Awesome cover, got the carbon fibre look cover.


Excellent very easy to do and looks amazing

Unfortunately it didn’t stick very well and there was also no camera gap. I ended up having to remove it after less than a week as the air gap was significant and spreading. I got another tempered glass from elsewhere

Top quality as usual

I have used these protectors on my last 3 phones and can honestly say they fit perfectly, they are simple to apply and do a fantastic job of protecting my phone.

Ultimate Thin Case for Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

I've had to change my review for the ultimate thin case for Samsung s22 plus. I keep my phone separate to anything else in my pocket but I've noticed that my case is covered in scratches. I wouldn't mind but I have only had it 3 weeks. Lovely fit but not fit for purpose.

Nice case, except for the color

Darkening the phone is just such a pity, wished the White one was available for purchase.


Better will be with clickable buttons

Perfect Shield

Would 100% recommend Ultimate Shield - comes with everything you need to clean the screen and it's easy to put on (compared to flexible screen protectors). Don't notice it's there and the functionality of the phone is not affected. Arrived super quickly so my screen was protected within a day of purchase.

Apple iphone 11 screen protector

Easy to apply and happy with my purchase

Quality Product

Easy to apply and doesn’t interfere with sensitivity of the touch screen. I’d give a five star rating if it didn’t obscure the charging/notification LED on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

not arrived

stil stuck at customs month later.. damn brexit

OP8 Pro glass shield

It is a great product, I would recommend it to anyone for their oneplus 8 pro phones.
Easy to install, yet it provides a powerful protection.
Customer service is excellent, they will help you out with whatever issues you would come across when installing their product.

Jolly good screen protector

Having tried a few other screen protectors and being less than impressed I thought I'd try this one.
I have to say it's been revolutionary! It's so smooth and seamless it's like the phone hasn't got a protector on. I've dropped it a few times with no issues.
The only thing to note is when applying the glue the phone has to be completely flat or the glue will run straight off.
Very impressed an now ordering one for my partners phone!

Great screen protector for S22 Ultra

I managed to perfectly install the cover on the first attempt. I got a considerable glue overflow when pressing the protector on the screen but that was easy to clean after the installation was completed. Finger unlock is working as before.

Best protector ever

Would not buy from any we’re else, been buy them from ultimate Shield for years.

The product is good but requires some expertise to install

Since the screen glue comes on it's own it requires you to pour it into the screen, one issue that I faced and probably will happen to people buying new phones is that since the new cameras are quite big and have a small bump, the phone will not be leveled.

The glue is quite liquid and if not used with caution in an even surface with the phone leveled perfectly, it's a formula to a big mess with glue all over the table..

Please keep it in mind when installing your screen protector and also, Ultimate shield, this would be a good information to add into the installation manual.

OP9 Pro

Ordered both the OnePlus 9 Pro Maximum Protection Invisible Film Screen Protector and the Liquid Glass Screen Protector at the same time to try them both out.
Used the invisible protector for the rear of the phone and the ultimate shied protector for the screen.
Have installed PPF on vehicles before so was used to the methods to apply.
Follow the instructions EXACTLY and all will be good.
Good quality film and perfectly cut to fit.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Game changer

I upgraded my phone recently but was really struggling with the weight increase and have had a lot of pain (I've got carpal tunnel and arthritis in my hands). This case (I got the glossy transparent one for the S22) is an absolute game changer for me. It weights 8g, is reasonably grippy (I might still add a popsocket for extra safely), looks decent. I'm so pleased that I've ordered another to keep as a spare... you know, just in case (pun intended)

Great protector, should sell kit separately

The protector is a perfect fit for the oppo find X5 pro, fitment take a bit of care but u wouldn't know u had a screen protector int he phone when done. Only issue I have is that when purchased you get a UV light and it would be better to also offer replacement screen protectors without having to buy a UV light everytime, this puts me off buying again as UV kit and glue should be a kit along with screen protector for first time buy instead of having to buy the whole kit everytime, the screen protector product itself though is fantastic and the fit is perfect, one if the only screen protectors I have found to actually fit my phone Review Medals