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So far so good.

Had the protector 2 weeks. So far perfect. Been across europe with my phone, in and out of airports where i would expect to get marks on my phone. But with the protector, nothing not a scratch. Easy to get on and keep clean. Sorted

Great screen protector

Fits perfect, no issues, best around!

good product, good Customer service

The package did not arrive at first, however Ultimate Shield sent it again after I contacted them. The case fits perfectly, looks and feels good. Completely satisfied with the product and Ultimate Shield service.

good product, good Customer service

The package did not arrive at first, however Ultimate Shield sent it again after I contacted them. The screen was easy to install and fits perfectly on the phone. Looks and feels very good. Completely satisfied with the product and Ultimate Shield service.


Bin sehr zufrieden mit den Folien. Das ist schon mein zweites Mal das ich sie schon bestelle...

Sony Xperia XZ2 Tempered Glass Screen Protector (Black)
Good product

Very clear and hard. but gets fingerprints easily

Really disapointed with this case

Bought this case because I thought it would be as good as the other Ultimate Shield products, but... Alas, this case is not good at all, compared to all the other cases we can find. Too tight, too rigid, not transparent enough, ... I tried it, and immediatly took it off and put another brand.
Sorry Ultimate Shield, but this time, it's a fail.

Perfect as usual

Wonderful service. Excellent shields!

Black edges

The glass itself is good, but it has black edges which blocks the edges of the screen so you dont see everythink that is on your screen.


Fácil de poner y queda perfecto



Ultimate Shield Review - Apple Watch Series 4 44mm

Following the instructions faithfully I avoided some of the pitfalls that previous reviewers stumbled upon. The one major pitfall seems to be that quite a number of customers found that the shield did not stick on the rounded edges of the Apple Watch. So, I made sure I followed the instructions and didn't even try initially to make the shield adhere around the corners. After leaving the shield to dry for about 20 to 30 minutes I then covered the edges and the shield fitted and stayed fitted over the curves of the watch.
Tickled pink with this my only problem is I wasn't observant enough to realize a tiny piece of lint was caught under the top left corner so I would rather live with that than try to rectify the situation.

Awful screen protector

Just a waste of money! It was the second glass screen protector I ordered and used on my OP5t. The edges of the screen is desing for the phone. Dust keeps accumulating beneath the edges, and after 2 weeks, the screen protector was already detatching from the display, and i could not longer use the front camera, since it was covered by the dust. Never again.

Hi João, Sorry to hear you had problems. It should stick nicely and not detach. Could be faulty. Send us your order info and we can send another to try. Best regards
Awesome case

Light weight, barely know it's on and feel 💯 protected

A replacement was sent very fast!

The first one that receive had a problem so I've asked for a replacement. They've sent in very fast.
Great customer service!

Spetacular as usual

Keep up the good work

Not as good as usual

I followed the instructions but the air bubbles beneath the screen would not disappear. They kindly sent me another one but had the same problem.

Ultimate shield Mate 20 Pro

I've bought the ultimate shield before. And it's amazing. Sadly the in-screen fingerprint scanner doesn't work anymore. But no bubbles or dust anywhere on the screen! So if you're considering this, please note that the fingerprint scanner might not work.

It's really thin

The case it's really thin and protects the phone.
You don't even notice that there's a case.

Great product but not great for the phone

So let me start by saying that this product is great. It comes very well packaged with easy to follow instructions and it was simple to fit.
The reason I've only given it 3 stars is that I don't think it's actually been tested with a Pixel 3. The fit is perfect but it reduces the sensitivity of the screen meaning (especially when using swipe text) you get a LOT of spelling mistakes. Unfortunately you get no way to adjust the screen sensitivity on the Pixel 3. I know on most Samsung phones you can do this but it seems to be a feature that Google have not included in their build of Android on their flagship phone. Just be aware if you are buying this for your Pixel device, you will find there is big difference when using the screen after it's fitted.

Good screen protector film

The application was not too bad. Got it on right, no peeling. I would recommend it.

Excellent product, great value.

I'm using the Invisible Film Screen Protector for my Xiaomi Mi 8 for quite a while now and I'm fully satisfied. No scratches and easy to wipe clean. Installing it was also quite ok and I didn't have any problems with bubbles.

Pixel 3 xl tempered glass

As usual a good product. Fit perfectly without bubbles or rainbow effects. The only improvement that I can suggest is enlarge the holes for the front camera. They are so precise that if you don't fit perfectly the protector you will see a dark shadow when using the front cameras.


Great product, sadly sent the wrong size by mistake, but replaced it straight away. Really good service. Thansk

1 day

First day in pocket It broke the screen protector a lot of money for 1 day