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S22 case

These are brilliant cases if you are looking for a minimalistic look with some protection.
My go to for all my phones,just love them 😊.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Invisible Film Screen Protector Full

Love this full body protectors. Just be careful when putting and taking your phone in and out your bag as the screen can be caught and peeled away. I’ve lost a few this way but they are so great continue to buy. They are very tough and protect your phone from any falls.

Easy to intall and it fit perfect the smartphone

It was really ease to install and it is working perfectly on my phone.

Updated Review

First time around didn't go so well, followed instructions to the letter. Ended up with lots of strange small marks in the glue layer, removed and binned. Left a review to that effect. Ultimateshield reached out, sent a full replacement pack free of charge. Somewhat sceptically followed the same fitting procedure and, it worked very well! Top response and great customer service!! Thank you, very impressed. Fingerprint scanner was a little hit and miss until 12hrs later, when it went back to fully functional (I'm guessing some of the adhesive hadn't quite gone off) Thank you again to whoever took the time to read the review, get in touch and send a replacement set. Top notch.

Good scratch protection

This will see if general day to day scratches from the phone. I wouldn't go testing it with something like a screwdriver under pressure.

One really big plus, especially with the Pixel 6 known issue, the fingerprint sensor works great!

Slightly tricky install with amazing results.

The installation was fairly easy. The most important part being to keep the phone as level as possible. The Screen protector looks flawless and feels like the original screen surface. fingerprint recognition works as well as before installing the protector. The only slight annoyance is that the edges of the protector (where some of the resin leaked out) was still tacky even after setting the screen. as a result some fluff from my pocket stuck to the edges. A quick wipe with an alcohol pad solved that issue. Overall probably the best looking screen protection i have ever fitted...

Screen protector

Finger print sensor works great underneath. Only downside is it a little hard to put on, but comes with with clear instructions and spare parts.

Best screen protector out there for curved screens


good service

OnePlus 8 Pro Liquid Glass Screen Protector (2 Pack)

Case for S22

The case is very thin yet look sturdy and guaranteed to offer protection against scratches.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass screen protector is of very good quality and will offer decent protection. The screen is still visibly clear afterwards. The fingerprint scanner still works as well.

Google Pixel 6 Invisible Film Screen Protector

Replaced a lost product with no fuss

Easy to communicate with and understanding when my initial product went missing. Swift response. Great service.

As expected - easy to fit

The Screen protector is perfect - I was a little worried at first as there were little bubbles that wouldn't go away but when I checked in the morning they were completely gone!


I love these screen protectors they get a bit fiddly around cameras and charger ports but once they are on they are on forever!


The best screen protector I have had better than the glass and cheaper option you don't lose any functions

A great product!

I bought this because my iPhone 13 Pro seemed much more prone to scratches than previous models. After 3 months’ use, the screen had quite a few scratches (some rather deep) and I decided I ought to protect it from further damage.
The application itself wasn’t too fiddly but it’s difficult to entirely eliminate dust specks from the screen and each little speck of dust causes a tiny bubble to form under the screen protector. That said, they’re almost invisible when the phone screen is off and aren’t noticeable at all when in use.
The best bit was that unexpectedly, the screen protector has covered up all the surface scratches on the phone screen itself so even the fairly deep ones don’t show.

First one was damaged

Very thin case (I actually believe their claim that it is the thinnest). The first one I've got has been damaged during delivery but I've got a replacement.

P.S.: Customs contacted me when they've sent the second one. Customs asked me for a invoice, luckily a screenshot from Paypal has been sufficient. I think there is room for improvement when shipping to EU.

Verdict: 5 Stars for the case, 3.5 for shipping

Ultimate Thin Case for Apple iPhone 13

Really Good

Really Good, almost doesn’t add any weight on the phone, second time I buy it, fits really well.

IPhone 13 ProMax case

Thin, light weight as advertised. While not complicated, it is not something users do everyday, instructions were good and easy to follow.

Feeling assured with this screen protector

I've seen other people say that pixel 6 pro's gorilla glass victus is more prone to scratches (in order to be more shatter resistant), so I ordered Ultimate Shield protector. The installation with UV curing seemed daunting but it's actually not that difficult. I might have pressed too hard / applied to much glue, so it overflew to the edges, and needed a wipe to clean up sticky glue. Other than that, I've been using it for over a month now, no bubbles, no smell of glue and good clear screen from various angles. Feels smooth and happy with this purchase.

Another phone screen saved!!! - Excellent

My family have used the Ultimate Shield screen protectors for several years. In that time we have avoided 2 smashed phone screens when the shield has taken the impact, been badly damaged but saved the phone screen.
More expensive than the competition - YES. Worth the extra cost - ABSOLUTELY YES. 100% recommended from me. Review Medals