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Great at first....

Fitting was straight forward and worked very well for the first couple of months, 4 months on and it's started peeling off while in pockets meaning it will no longer stay stick down.

Apple iPhone X Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Best protection!


Protector broke when trying to apply

Ok until it goes in your pocket or case

When applied at first it looks excellent.. However when placed in a phone case or pocket, the corners lift and ruin the look of the phone.. I tried a tech21 case and an otterbox strada folio and the corners lifted both times.. When I had no case on it,The corners lifted too

Great product!

These are the best screen protectors around.


Nothing that I expecting


OnePlus 3 / OnePlus 3T Invisible Film Screen Protector

Excellent As Usual!

I've used Ultimate Shield over the last few years, over a few different devices and even installed some for friends that I have recommended Ultimate Shield to. It has always been quick fast delivery, the shield always goes on smoothly and protects the devices over the years. I always get the full body protection. This is my own personal review. Keep it up guys and thank you!

OP5 tempered glass shield disappointment

Black edges masking display, big air bubbles near edges did not go away.


Excellent cover for your phone screen. Have it now about 3 weeks and very happy. Five stars


OnePlus 5 3D Curved Full Adhesive Tempered Glass Screen Protector (Black)

£10 well spent

Easy to fit and doing the job sobfar.

iPhone X tempered glass screen

Great product


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Invisible Film Screen Protector

Ultimate Shield Supreme

Received my LG G6 Screen Protector and I'm absolutely delighted with it, easy to fit and it looks gr8.!!

Feels better than the regular glass

Fits well and doesn’t look out of place. Be careful when applying though as I’ve got 2 tiny specs of dust under the screen which has really let the look of my iPhone X down.

iPhone X version as good as ever

Lovely rounded edges and a perfect fit with no major issues with air bubbles. There are no problems using the screen protector with Apple's silicon (and presumably the leather version as well) case.

One plus 5 TGSP

Really impressed with the quality and overall customer experience - highly recommend this for any one plus users !!

Gadget Ring - a nice addition

Sometimes it is the small things that make the great difference.

Nicely finished and with a solid feel, this Gadget Ring not only helps the smartphone stand on a surface for easy viewing of short movies, but also enables the User to put the forefinger through it while using the device for improved comfort and stability.

The fact that (surprise!) the ring also turns around, makes for its perfectly adapting to each person's phone-holding preference.

Great addition and -- at the special offer price (50% discount) of just roughly US$5.00 -- surely a must-have.

The only thing that needs the test of time, is the durability of the 3M adhesive which keeps the ring to the back of the phone.

Quality control needs to be improved

Quite honestly speaking I'm very disappointed with what I just received. My previous experience purchasing the same product had been good, but the current product's quality leaves much to be desired. The largest problem is that the adhesive on the glass is not properly applied such that it does not adhere properly to the screen.

Whereas the first product I had purchased had fully adhered upon a gentle touch to the middle of the protector, the one I just received basically doesn't adhere fully even after pressing down hard on multiple areas. There are huge bubbles (like 1/3rd of the screen area) where the protector does not adhere properly. Inspection of the back of the protector also reveals streaks along the edges of the protector where the adhesive doesn't appear to have been properly applied.

Finally. I note that the area around the camera portion is completely absent of adhesive, unlike the first protector I received. I'm not quite sure what's going on here.

OnePlus 3T (Black) Tempered Glass Screen Protector

It took 21 days to receive the product, that's too much. Despite that it fitted well (afer some adjustments). The feel of this is different of the normal screen and around the edges my phone's cover push it a little so sometimes I have to press the screen more than once. Still havent't had any accident so I can't rate it's resistance. Hope to keep it that way for a long time. Overall it's a good product though.

Loving it

High quality, competitive price.

Screen protector

Really good product, not fiddly to fit like others out there.All you need to protect your phone screen.


Google Pixel 2 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This shield didn't work at all

But customer service was truly brilliant and I managed to get a refund and got the film shield instead which seems perfectly fine

Perfect As Usual

Have used these easy to apply screen protectors for my LG G6, Xiaomi mi A1 & S7. Can't rate them highly enough. Bubbles disappear after 24hrs leaving a perfect fit & Finish.

Poor quality this time

I've ordered tempered glasses many times for my old mobiles from this site but this time quality of tempered glass for my samsung galaxy s8 plus is really poor. It's not stick firmly to the screen :/ I've bought two pieces and the same story :/

it's better

it's better secury

Nice product. Best quality.

Perfect and a cool design,nice little thing to have on your mobile. Very handy.


Apple iPhone 7/8 Invisible Film Screen Protector


Motorola Moto G5 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Would not recommend

I bought this screen protector 3 weeks ago. I take really good care of my phone, but still the protector is allready broken in a corner. Plus, it doesn't stick enough the phone, it unglued a few days after I put it in place. I have to admit that I am disapointed. I would rather recommend the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Invisible Film Screen Protector (that stick better, and lasted longer, but unsticked because of the hot summer we had).

Hi Fanny, Sorry to hear you had problems. Could be faulty. It should not crack so easily and should stick nicely. Send us your order info and we can send another to try. Best regards

Gadget Ring

Not perfect match

I bought iPhone X tempered glass as all years before, but this time, it is not a perfect match between iPhone and tempered glass. Not the quality you usually have.

Hi Andre, Sorry to hear you had problems. It should fit perfectly. Try to make sure you get perfect alignment when installing as this will prevent any bubbles and give a smooth finish. Just in case it is faulty, send us your order info and we will send a replacement. Best regards
No perfect match

I bought iPhone X tempered glass as all years before, but this time, it is not a perfect match between iPhone and tempered glass. Not the quality you usually have.

Almost perfect

The Front membrane has a defect. Luckily for me 1 mm outside of the screen perimeter... As a whole the product is doing a very good job protecting the phone and improving holding grip.

Slight issue depending on case

If you use a "tight" case, the tempered glass is pushed and does not stay on the screen. Only the "loose" silicone case seems to solve the problem

Usual great quality and protection

Only drawback is the same as the official oneplus 5 protector - the edging on the sides hides the screen slightly. However, the ultimate shield hides less than the official one, and both are only mm


Perfect fit around the edges and whole screen. Very clear, responsive to touch. Made my phone look brand new once again.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Invisible Film Screen Protector

Excellent customer service

Great service they email me saying they might have sent me a faulty screen protector (which they did but wouldn't have notice). Email them back and they sent a new one straight away

small impact and broken already

fits well and everything is fine, however after really small impact glass is broken (thin visable line)

Surprisingly good tool!

The difference between a gadget and a tool is simple. A gadget seems like a good idea, but in reality its disappointing and you wish you hadn't wasted your money. A tool on the other hand is highly useful, and when you have bought it as a present for your wife, you wish you bought it for yourself! This is a great little tool!


Nokia 8 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Amazing service and support

Having purchased a screen protector for my watch in the past I purchased a new one after the corners started to lift. After I’d bought the replacement I contacted Ultimate shield to ask about the lifetime warrenty for future reference. They contacted me within an hour of sending them an email and a few emails later they had refunded me for the purchase advising that the issue with my protection would have been covered. I have to say the protector has been fantastic, easy to fit and doesn’t effect the sensitivity of the watch face. However the customer service by the team at Ultimate Shield is second to none! Well done all. Keep up the good work

Great Customer Service

I ordered the black colorway for my IPhone 7 Plus. After a week i saw a package from UltimateShield. The instructions for applying the tempered glass was simple and clear.
After a week i saw a tiny crack on the top of the screen with short cracklines. I messaged via the website and the response was great. They sended me a new one.
The quality of the tempered glass is excellent, but be gentle when you lay the phone down on the screen side.


Looks great. Easy to install. Love it.